Do you know that you can volunteer at one of the biggest technology events in the world?

Every year, FISL counts on the voluntary work of dozens of people who engage in the event by donating their time, their experience and their knowledge. It is thanks to these anonymous contributors that the Forum can renew itself and expand year after year, giving amplitude to all the communities and to all the voices of the Free Software Movement.

Would you like to work voluntarily during FISL 18 or in the previous organization of the event?
Being a FISL volunteer means working behind the scenes at one of the world’s biggest technology events. This, therefore, implies a great responsibility, with a role to play before or during the four days of the event, with some demands. Check below what it takes to subscribe:

Prerequisites for volunteering in FISL18:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be there at least one shift of each of the four days of the event.

FISL18 volunteer responsabilities:

  • Define with the volunteer coordination the work shifts to be accomplished and the attributions of their competence.
  • Attend all FISL18 organization and guidance meetings to which you are invited.
  • Comply with the agreed assignments or, in case of any difficulties, report the situation to the appropriate coordinators.
  • Always carry your badge and wear your t-shirt made available by the FISL18 organization for the duration of the stay.
  • Remember that the badge is your passport to the event.

FISL18 volunteer’s rights:

  • Participate freely in all activities of FISL18 in the reverse shifts of volunteer work.
  • Receive participant and volunteer certificate.
  • Receive the folder delivered to the participants of the event.

FISL18 volunteer areas include the following working groups:

  • Communication: preferably students or professionals with communication skills and who have training in Social Communication (Jornal, RP, PP, Cinema or Digital Communication); If you are not a student or a formal Communication Professional, it is desirable that the volunteer or the volunteer should be involved in some community mobilization in the area of ​​Communication, with ease for use of social networks.
  • Education: preferably, students or professionals with an easy communication are sought and having undergraduate degrees in areas of education or popular education. It is desirable to have the ability to handle large groups and to combine participant organizing strategies, mediation, completion of registration for certification and preparation of reports on activities and meetings, photography, video and web radio coverage, as well as support for groups of students brought by teachers and educators to the event.
  • Program: Students or professionals with the skills to assist in the installation and use of a projector and other multimedia equipment, help in the passage of microphone for interventions and questions of the public and other technical and organizational actions are preferably sought.
  • Culture / Hackspace: Preferably, students or professionals with skills to receive and guide the audience of the lectures, look for space, organize the room, assist in workshops and debates.
  • Secretariat: Students or professionals are preferably sought to work in reception, registration, registration, materials delivery, badges and orientation of the participants, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and visitors.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can also contact us at the following email address indicating the subject and area of ​​interest: voluntarios AT asl DOT org DOT br

Soon, we’ll link to the volunteer registration form.

Note: There may be selection, depending on the number of volunteers.