Fislinho-Space of living children-juvenile The Fislinho is the space of coexistence of children of the FISL and brings to the event the project free mouth. Created in the image and similarity of the mouth, infant-juvenile supplement of the street newspaper, vehicle made and sold by homeless people of Porto Alegre 16 years ago, under the coordination of the free agency for information, Citizenship and Education (ALICE). The project brings together children and teenagers aged between 4:15 years. They are the authors of the texts, photos and illustrations published in the printed supplement and the physical and virtual mural of the International Free Software Forum since 2015. During the four days of the Forum, the free-mouth goers in the Fislinho will participate in activities and workshops, subverting concepts, challenging ready and building a new world, based on collective construction, freedom and Questioning, promoting the values that free software and ALICE have in common.