Free education

Education is central from FISL 1 in 2000. In this FISL 1, informatics for education dominated the agenda, promoting the pioneering work of Procergs-state computer company of Rio Grande do Sul-migrating all the attendance of the school network and the management of the State Secretariat of Education for the SL. Thus the educational bias and the administrative bias of the SL in education are a historical mark of the FISL. And this historical brand has been enriched in recent years with the pedagogical bias, represented by the Sala Paulo Freire, sponsored by PMPA, as an auditorium with lectures and communications for Professor @ s and Pedagog @ s to naturalize the technology in its instrumental Didactic. In the FISL 17, the Sala Paulo Freire evolved into space Paulo Freire which is now a super trail in the general agenda of the FISL.