1-Theme: Day to day free Software

This thematic aggregates the areas of system administration; Cloud computing; Development Open and free hardware; and emerging topics.

1.1 – Area: System Administration


  • Databases
  • Desktop and distributions
  • Content Management/CMS
  • Vulnerability Management

1.2 – Areas: Cloud computing, Mist and P2P


  • P2P Architecture
  • Mobile Computing
  • Internet of Things – IOT
  • Privacy and surveillance
  • Community servers
  • Server in Mist
  • Cloud Server

1.3 – Area: Development


  • Desktop applications
  • Tools, methodologies and standards
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Games
  • Kernel, drivers and subsystems
  • Programming languages

1.4 – Area: Open Hardware and free


  • Free integrated circuit design tools
  • Free Hardware Description
  • 3d printing Free
  • Robotics
  • Embedded Systems

1.5 – Area: Emerging Topics


  • Bigdata
  • Blockchain and Criptomoedas
  • Data Science
  • Copyleft
  • Open Data and Semantic web
  • Wikilab

2-Theme: Free Software day by day

This theme comes to add everything that refers to the use of SL in our day to day, in it we have communication and culture; the ecosystem; and education and suchlike.

2.1 – Area: Communication and culture


  • Free collections
  • Editorial tools
  • Multimedia
  • Personal and Team communication platforms
  • Collaborative cultural production
  • Streaming, WebRadio and WebTV
  • Voip

2.2 – Area: Ecosystem


  • Economics and business (cooperatives and communities, entrepreneurship and free professionals, free energy)
  • Philosophy, Politics and society (hacker and Hackerfeminismo ethics, free software legal issues, Internet governance, intelligent cities, public sector)
  • Migrations and Cases
  • ASL and FISL organization

2.3 – Area: Education


  • Knowledge/Free Science
  • Digital Inclusion

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We received over 350 submissions of lectures and workshops for the 2018 edition!