Anti-Harassment policy

The International Free Software Forum (FISL) is committed to an anti-harassment policy aimed at providing a harassment-free experience for all participants regardless of gender identity, special needs, sexual orientation, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, religion and socio-economic condition.

Us members of the FISL organization and the Free Software community – do not tolerate any form of harassment or disrespect to the participants of the event.

Discriminatory sexual images and language are not appropriate for FISL. Participants who violate this code of conduct will be invited / invited to withdraw from the event, without reimbursement of the registration fee.

The practice of harassment includes offensive remarks – related to gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, special needs, ethnicity, religion and socio-economic status – sexual images shown in public places and / or FISL lectures, intimidation, harassment with cameras and video cameras, repeated interruption of speeches and / or other events, and physical contact without consent.

Participants whose behavior violates FISL rules of conduct will be warned and should immediately cease offensive behavior, at the risk of being invited to leave the event without the possibility of return. The FISL organizers will take the necessary measures to prevent harassment practices from occurring and / or repeated in the FISL lectures.

If you felt threatened / threatened or disrespected / disrespected, contact your organization and state your concerns and concerns. Members of the FISL organization can be identified through their badges (with a black background).

The organization shall take the necessary measures to prevent harassment practices from recurring. We integrate and value the Free Software community a lot and wish everyone an excellent event, regardless of the differences that we all have, which should not in any way divide us.

Contact: antiassedio ARROBA asl POINT org POINT en

We hope that all participants will follow the general guidelines in this document and will not allow sexist and discriminatory practices to occur at FISL.

License and Attribution

This policy is licensed through Creative Commons – Brazil – Zero (Public Domain) and was based on the “Feminist Geek” anti – harassment policy created by the Ada Initiative with the help of several volunteers and volunteers.

This policy was based on several other anti-harassment policies, including the Ohio LinuxFest policy, written by Esther Filderman and Beth Lynn, and the Con Anti-Harassment Project.

Mary Gardiner, Valerie Aurora, Sarah Smith, and Donna Benjamin generalized policies and added support materials. The translation into Portuguese of Brazil was made by Luis Felipe Murillo. Members of LinuxChix, Geek Feminism, as well as other groups contributed to this work.