# FISL18 – Communities Area

Welcome to the FISL18 Community Area page.

In this area you will find information about what is the Area of ​​Communities, what are the activities that develop in FISL, how to register your community, the rules of participation and communities that are already confirmed for this edition.

This year the theme of FISL will be INFORMATION AND OPEN COMMUNICATION FOR SOCIETY, and we of the Free Software movement believe that there can be no democratization of communication and transparent access to information if it is not through free tools and protocols. Free communication tools and protocols allow you to connect people safely and unrestrictedly, without loss of privacy and without risk of vigilance, by governments and co-corporations that only wish to defend their political and economic interests. Whether through messaging apps, forums, social networks or even the good old e-mail list, free software communities can interact and contribute to the development of solutions that are socially just, economically viable and technologically sustainable.

Aware of this, FISL once again wants to honor the Free Software communities, promoting and highlighting the traditional User Groups, extending now also to Groups of Developers and Groups of Digital Activism based on digital rights and free software.

So, how about making new connections, meeting people and new ideas?

### Free Software Communities …

They are the union of people, in an organized way, whose common goal is to collaborate or develop projects in the most diverse areas of information and communication technology (ICT) such as operating systems, languages, applications, among others that have some relation with free technologies and of open source using always in its construction and development of free software.

Communities are key to sharing experiences and sharing information through the collaborative work of its members. Therefore, they play a very important role in the dissemination of knowledge.

They also promote, organize and disseminate events such as meetings, debates and lectures, generate documentation, translations and research. In addition to exchanging experiences through websites, blogs, mailing lists and social networks, they also encourage and assist in the use, distribution and collaboration of the community in the development of initiatives that encourage the use of free technologies in their region, in Brazil and in the solidarity in favor of their projects.


This year the Community Area will feature many new features including debates, mini-events, lightning talks and game show.

Communities can also organize meetings to integrate their groups, exchange information, and invite new members. In addition, the space in the fair serves as a showcase of the activities of each community. During the FISL there will also be the ** Community Meetings **, to show, discuss and propose activities after the event.

### Rules

The evaluation criteria for registration of the Communities are:

– The indication of at least 4 (four) representatives who will be present at the event as participants, lecturers or press.
– Have a website, blog and / or mailing list with information about the group or community and that allows to add new members.
– Demonstrate continuous contribution to the development of the free technologies and open source project for which the group was created.
– Send complete information of the registration form with name, mission, description, links and logo of the group, as well as, name, CPF, e-mail and telephone of all its members.

### How to Apply

The Community interested in registering and having a space in the Communities Area in FISL18 must complete the registration form containing:

– Name of community / project / entity / group;
– Estimation of the number of people moving the activities in the space of the group in the Communities Area;
– Content / information that demonstrates the contributions of the group in question (continuous for the development of the project, free technologies and open source, for which the group was created);
– Proposal of activities / actions in the space of the Community Area:
– How they will contribute with the install fest, that is, what free software projects linked to their community can help to install;
– Contribution to activities that help to move the FISL, that is, integration with the visitors;
– Lightning talks (18 minutes) that the group can promote in the Communities Area;
– Make it clear how you will invite people;
– Links to the main pages and lists of the project in which the community / group is part, as well as the list (s) of the group itself;
– Inform if sent a proposal of Community Meeting in the FISL (via call for papers);
– Indicate from 2 to 4 coordinators of the group in the

Note: We would just like to point out that if your community is enrolled and selected in the process, this does not guarantee a speech in the great normal of the event.
Stay tuned to find out when community registrations open.

Questions or suggestions? Contact the Community Area Trustees:

### Community Area Curators:

– Thiago Paixão (Coordinator of FLISOL São Paulo, active member of ASL, São Paulo-SP)
– Alexandre Thomé

(Systems Analyst at Procergs, active member of ASL, Porto Alegre-RS)