Porto Alegre is located in the southern end of Brazil and is the geographical centre of MERCOSUR. Lake Guaíba cuts the capital of Rio Grande do Sul to the north, on a waterfront of 72 km of extension that was the port of entry of the Portuguese couples Azoreans that began colonization in 1752. In the following centuries, the city welcomed immigrants from all over the world, and this set of multiple expressions and ethnic and religious origins made Porto Alegre a multicultural city by nature, a rare space where the difference is always welcome. Today, with 1,415,237 inhabitants, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul is a trade center for goods and Services for excellence and advanced technology. Connected by fiber optics, the city offers the largest network of WiFi zones in Brazil that allows the wireless connection totally free with the web from buildings and public parks and its surroundings, including bars, restaurants and hotels. Economic, financial, political, cultural and administrative center of the 31 cities-satellites of the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre, of 3.9 million inhabitants, above all Porto Alegre has one of the best qualities of life of Brazil. Source text: Municipal Secretary of Tourism of Porto Alegre for more information on tourism in Porto Alegre, see here!