About FISL

18 years strengthening collaborative knowledge and building free technologies.

Each year the International Free Software Forum has been establishing itself as a place for discussion and exhibition of the main innovations in free technologies.

Since the first edition, FISL has as the main value “the technology that liberates”, encouraging the maintenance of transparency in technology, be it in codes, open standards, knowledge sharing and the fight for the free and neutral Internet. In 2018 the FISL will again be the stage of the largest gathering of free Software communities in the world. Together, we will share knowledge and innovations, renew connections with communities, participate in the system of free and open technologies, but also concerns in search of our common goal: to build a more just, collaborative humanity And with free knowledge.

Why go

Free software is present in business, ecommerce, education, the WEB, mobile devices, infraestrututa it and in so many other aspects of modern life.

Therefore, it is important to know which technologies integrate better with each other, as the open source projects you use are developed and supported and by whom and understand about licensing. In the four days of the FISL you find:

  • Techniques for writing the best code
  • Advantages of using software you can have access to the code and modify if necessary
  • How to join a community
  • How to migrate from expensive commercial installations to more efficient and cost-effective open source solutions
  • Innovations in system administration and networks that your organization can begin to use immediately to increase efficiency
  • Knowledge to ensure that your code is really safe
  • Fundamental techniques and advanced tips for scaling and optimizing your time-saving systems
  • techniques to increase productivity and reduce the cost of deployment, from databases to cloud computing
  • Promising projects, services, languages and tools
  • Updated topics such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, among others.

Who does the FISL coordination coordinators: Sady Jacques, Ricardo Fritsch and Clarisse Jay Executive secretariat: Luiz Vicente Basso Secretary: Aline Peres Working Groups:

  • Coord. GT Capture: Ricardo Fritsch
  • Coord. GT Agenda: Daniel Muller
  • Coord. GT Web: Alexandre thome
    • Contents: Aline Peres
  • Coord. GT Friends pages: Oscar Luz
  • Coord. GT Fislinho: Carlos Castro
  • Coord. GT Accessibility: José Francisco
  • Coord. GT communication: João Fernando C. Jr.
  • Coord. GT Communities: Thiago Passion
  • Coord. GT Culture: Lucas Alberto
  • Coord. GT Education: Clarisse Jay
  • Coord. GT Entrepreneurship: Fabrício Reis
  • Coord. GT Games: Leandro Piccini
  • Coord. GT below: Thomas Soares
  • Coord. GT Inscriptions:
  • Coord. GT Mobile/IOT:
  • Coord. GT Women: Rafaela Melo
  • Coord. GT Laugh: Laura
  • Coord. GT Robotics: Eloir Rockenbach
  • Coord. GT Public sector: Sady Jacques
  • Coord. GT Translations: Aline Peres
  • Coord. GT Tourism: Aline Peres
  • Coord. GT Volunteers: Junior Goergen
  • Coord. GT WSL: Claudia Archer

Other Contacts:

inscriptions, commitments and payments: Subscriptions AT asl DOT org DOT br;


Events agency
LB Productions and Events.
Phone: (51) 3093-2777-(51) 3094-2777
Email: fisl AT luizbasso DOT com DOT br

Accounting Advice
Espaço de Projetos
Phone: (51) 3029-9398
Email: fisl AT espacodeprojetos DOT com DOT br

Infrastructure and TV Free Software
Solis – Free Solutions Cooperative
Phone: (51) 3714-6653
Email: commercial AT solis DOT Coop DOT br

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