Understanding that the defense of free software should take place at an international level and that the advancement of free software-friendly policies can be threatened by particular scenarios, participants and representatives from different communities and groups of diverse Countries defined, during the FISL13, the construction of an international free Software network, laughter. Are priority commitments of laughter: 1) Consolidating relations among its members to strengthen the defense of free Software initiatives in their countries, through global actions coordinated to support the locals. 2) disseminate and defend free Software as a fundamental component of technological sovereignty. 3) To share experiences, practices and documentation within the scope of the Software and the free knowledge, strengthening and fomenting the local work of its members in each of its fields of action. During the FISL18, the entities participating in laughter will hold meetings and meetings to strengthen the need to organize and coordinate globally, acting locally. They integrate the laughter associations of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.