Hosting Guide

Thinking of the participants of the FISL that comes from outside Porto Alegre and are in search of hosting options, we created the hosting guide. We have mapped some hotels and hostels to serve as a suggestion. We would also like to remind you that those who look for more in-account options, there are applications and alternative means of travel, such as Airbnb and Coachsurfing. * It is good to remember that the organization of FISL is not responsible for prices or negotiations made by companies that offer hosting services, so leave everything very well combined and settled before starting your trip. * * We also remember that there is no camping area at the event. Hotel partner: Eko Residence Hotel Av. Des. André da Rocha, 131-Historic Centre Zip Code 90050161-Porto Alegre-RS-Brazil phone + 55 51 3215 7600 Other hotels/HOSTELS: Brick Hostel-Phone: 51 3028-3333 Porto Alegre Hostel Boutique-Phone: 51 3228-3802 hostel Porto Taha-Phone: 51 3519-7175 good end hostel-51 3264-4492 Hostel Park-51 3519-4746 Hostel Our home-51 9830-4270 Pousada Gomes Jardim-51 3023-8467 House Blue Hostel-51 3084-5050 hostel Porto do Sol- 51 3330-1324 Porto Alegre Eco Hostel-51 3019-2449 Hotel San Francisco-51 3026-7055 Read Hotel-51 3228-9111 Hotel Ponte de Pedra-51 3061-3207 Hotel POA Residence-51 3085-1077 Hotel Acajú-51 3024-1001 Hotel Express Mauá-51 3029-1000 Hotel Madrid-51 3024-2524 Re Al Palace Hotel-51 3224-0555 Hotel Erechim-51 3228-7044 Home Residence-51 3226-6126 Hotel Gonçalves-51 3311-7736 Plaza Cathedral-51 2114-1579 Hotel Jary-51 3225-2458 Milan Turis-51 3076-3600 Hotel Porto Alegre-51 3337-8448 Hotel Lancaster-51 3224-4737 Savoy Hotel-51 3224-0511 Hotel Pampa-51 3226-5510 Hotel Azores-51 3225-2222 Royal Hotel-51 3228-6233 Duke Center-51 3212-3312 Colossi Hotel-51 3021-6500 Hotel Minuano Express-51 3226-3062 Minuano Hotel Home-51 3346-6665 Regent Flat Hotel-51 3024-3220 Hotel de Tale-51 3343-3522 Hotel Expressinho-51 3021-8111 Hotel Garibaldi-51 3224-7333 Hotel Metropolis-51 3221-5011 Hotel Palace-51 3225-3467 Hotel Ritz-51 3225-0693 Hotel Bus-51 3226-6158 Hotel Wamosy-51 3342-0689 Terminal Tur Hotel-51 3224-3968