Subscriptions to the extended communities area up to 29/06!

There is still time to register your group for the Community Area at FISL18! It is one of the most traditional points of the event and a space for exchange of knowledge and experiences of those people who dedicate their lives to disseminate and develop free software. This year, in addition to receiving groups of users, we open the invitation also for groups of developers and digital activism based on digital rights and free software.

Hitchhiking on the theme of the event in 2018, which is information and open communication to society, the FISL organization invites free software communities to interact and contribute to the development of solutions that are socially fair, economically Viable and technologically sustainable.

This year, the area of the communities comes with several novelties. The schedule will have debates, minieventos, lightning talks and also a game show. The groups will be able to organise meetings in the event space and use the space at the fair as a showcase of the activities of the groups.

Each community entered must indicate at least four representatives who will be present throughout the event and sign up by sending an email to Check the rules:

# # # Rules

The evaluation criteria for community enrollment are:

– The indication of at least 4 (four) representatives who will be present at the event as participants, speakers or press.

– Have site, blog and/or mailing list with information about the group or community and that allows you to add new members.

– Demonstrate continued contribution to the development of the project, free technologies and open source, for which the group was created.

– Send complete information from the registration form with name, mission, description, links and logo of the group, as well as, name, CPF, email and telephone of all your members.

# # # How to subscribe

To the community interested in registering and have a space in the area of the communities in FISL18 should send the following information by email to

– Community/Project/entity/group name;

– Estimation of the number of people moving the activities in the group space in the area of the communities;

– Content/information demonstrating contributions from the group in question (continuing to develop the project, free and open source technologies for which the group was created);

– Proposal for activities/actions in the area of the community:

– as they will contribute to the install fest, that is, that free software projects linked to your community they can help to install;

– Contribution to activities that help to move the FISL, i.e. integration with the visitors;

– Lightning Talks (18 minutes) that the group will be able to promote in the area of the communities;

– To make it clear how they will invite people;

– Links to the main pages and lists of the project in which the community/group is part, as well as the list (s) of the group itself;

– Inform whether it has sent a community meeting proposal at FISL (via call for work);

– Indicate from 2 to 4 group coordinators in the area of the communities (name and e-mail of each);

– Inform other activities: Hackathon, workshop, install-party, launch party, community birthday, Roundtable, URC etc.

– The FISL organization provides two amenities for participant registration (access to the entire event) and two exhibitor credentials (access only to the fair) for each group.