Up to 20/6 – there is still time to register your article in the free Software Workshop!

The Free Software Workshop (WSL) is an academic and scientific event held annually and allocated in the programming of the International Free Software Forum (FISL) 18 years ago. WSL encourages the submission of articles Cientíticos (papers) on the free software ecosystem. The event offers the opportunity to present studies of teachers, researchers, students and professionals conducted in research centres that use, spread, think or develop free software.

This year, in addition to the articles, there is also a call for tools, in which papers will be accepted describing software. The idea is to allow users of the software to reference the program from the article that describes it. The article also ensures that the software described has undergone a peer review process, is consistent with FLOSS’s principles, and will have its code preserved and accessible for a long period.

Check the important dates for people interested in submitting articles for evaluation:

* Submission: until June 20;

* Acceptance Notification: July 2;

* Submission of the final version: July 9th

All articles presented in WSL can be found in the event repository: http://wsl.softwarelivre.org/

Check out the complete edicts:

Call for articles:

en-BR – Http://softwarelivre.org/wsl/2018/chamada-de-trabalhos

ES – Http://softwarelivre.org/wsl/2018/llamada-de-trabajos

EN – Http://softwarelivre.org/wsl/2018/call-for-papers

Tool Call:

PT-BR – http://softwarelivre.org/wsl/2018/chamada-de-ferramentas-2018

ES – http://softwarelivre.org/wsl/2018/convocatoria-de-herramientas-2018

EN – Http://softwarelivre.org/wsl/2018/call-for-tools